growth of global economy causes the unevenness between supply and demand of the electric.───全球经济的快速增长致使电力市场的供求不平衡。
Rhythm: say the rhythm aloud, tap to the beat, or walk to the beat while clapping the rhythm and deliberately practicing alternate rhythms (for unevenness).───节奏︰大声念着节奏,敲着节拍,或跟随节拍拍手及故意练习交替的节奏(对于不平衡的节奏)。
Yet, he said, the unevenness shows that Faulkner was willing to take risks, to explore new material, and new ways to talk about it.───但他说,福克纳的深不可测说明他甘冒风险,敢于探索新题材,尝试新方法进行写作。
The clinal variations of at least some physiological characters does not reflect unevenness at the subspecies boundaries.───至少有一些生理性状的梯度变异反映不出亚种边界的不齐性。
The surface of resistor is covered with Protective Coating which hard to fade , and the surface of coating should avoid unevenness .───电阻器表面二次玻璃体保护膜覆盖完好且难以脱落,表面平整。
AT MIDDAY on the 22nd, Pierre was walking along the muddy, slippery road uphill, looking at his feet and at the unevenness of the road.───二十二日中午,皮埃尔沿着泥泞的打滑的道路向山上走,他看着自己的脚,又看看那崎岖的山道。
ink components dispersed evenly, in storaging or used in rollers do not appear when the unevenness of the concentration.───油不朱不败分凑拢平均,在贮藏历程洋或用在不朱辊上时不会呈现浓量不匀本体。
Used for reeling set length's sliver and roving to test whose weight and weight unevenness .───用于摇取一定长度的条子和粗纱,供测定其重量及重量不匀率。
                                            There exists current distribution unevenness in large current switch apparatus parallel branch.
Along with the thermal instability, unevenness , vendors and the oviductus adhesive thermal energy attenuation.
This unevenness comes about because topics are developed in a logical order.
A certain degree of unevenness is acceptable in nomadic and some village items.
This unevenness in damage is because the storm's winds in that area are aligning with the forward motion of the storm (generally northwest), which enhances the wind speeds.
Something , such as unevenness or a hole in a road, that causes a bump.
Matrix effect, unevenness effect and heterogeneous effect are the three key points of this technique.
Any hollows or unevenness indicate either that they have been badly laid or have been affected by subsidence.
You should smooth out any unevenness in the cloth before you cut it.